California Fishing


Abbreviations: b. b., black bass; br., brook; cr., creek; 1., lake; 1. m., large mouth; m., mile; p., pond; p. d., per day; p. w., per week; r., river; s. m., small mouth; str., stream; w., week.

Alvord (C & C) Big Pine Creek, Jones Creek, both accessible; first named best; Mountain, or California trout; worms and flies; May, June, July, and August, best; hotel, $2 p. d.; fish weighing from 6 oz. to 2 lbs. plentiful here.

Aptos (So. Pac.) Aptos Creek and Valencia Creek, near station; Soquel Creek, 4 Mile; first named best; trout and salmon; first most numerous; worms and art flies in use; April, to October best; hotels, $1.50 to $4 p. d.; bait plenty; there is also fine salt water fishing.

Belmont (So. Pac.) Crystal Springs 1., 4 Mile; trout and b. b., latter most numerous worms, shrimp and live bait used; April to November best; hotels, $1 p. d.; boats can be had at reasonable rate; permits are required from the Spring Valley Water Co. to fish in this lake and the quantity is limited to 16 fish.

Bishop Creek (C & C) Bishop Creek, 5 Mile; Owen's River, Mile; first named best; mountain and river trout; worms and art. flies; May to October, best season; hotel, $2 p. d.; guide can be procured; some Eastern brook trout have been introduced here lately.

Castroville (So. Pac.) Monterey Bay and Epinosa Lake, accessible; first named best; "surfs," smelts, rock cod, flounders and others; first named most numerous; sand crabs and clams as baits; hotels, $2 p. d.; we have no report of the fish in Espinosa Lake.

Chico (Cent. P.) Feather River, at Big Meadows, 60 Mile by stage; rainbow trout; fly fishing mostly; summer months best; trout fishing reported very fine here; guides and accommodations can be had.

Clairville (S. F. & N. P.) Russian River, Mile; Sulphur Creek, 4 Mile; Warm Springs Creek, 6 Mile; Dry Creek, 4Mile, and San Sal Creek, 5 Mile; Sulphur Creek best; mountain trout; worm bait and art flies; May and June best: hotel, $1 p. d.; the above waters are excellent ones for trout with the exception of Russian Creek, where coarse fish prevail, except in the spring when large numbers of salmon trout run up.

Cloverdale (S. F. & N. P.) Russian River Mile, Sulphur Creek 1 Mile, Pinte Creek 6 Mile. Squaw Creek 10 m.; Sulphur and Piute Creeks are best; brook and lake trout, the latter being most abundant; usual baits; May, June, and July, are the favorite months; hotels, $1.50 to $2 p. d.; guides, $2 to $2.50 p. d.; no boats needed; local anglers use the fly tipped with a piece of worm. Tackle can be bought in Cloverdale.

Coyote (So. Pac.) Head waters of Coyote and Las Animas Creeks, 15 Mile; first named best; speckled trout and whitefish; whitefish most numerous; worms used mostly as bait; April, May, and June best; no regular hotels or guides; boats not needed.

Duncan's Mills (N. P. C.) Russian River near station, Austin Creek 1 Mile, Willow Creek 5 Mile; Russian Gulch, 8 Mile; about equally good; trout in the creeks, salmon in river; worms, grasshoppers, and flies, as baits; winter best for salmon, winter and spring for trout; hotel, $2 p. d.; boats at nominal cost. Hook and line fishing not much followed, yet local anglers generally get fine creels of trout.

Freestone (N. P. C.) Salmon Creek, near station; salmon and trout; the lattermost numerous; baits, worms and flies; April to August best time; hotels at reasonable rates.

Fulton (S. F. & N. P.) Laguna, 6 Mile; Mark West Creek, 8 Mile; the latter with its headwaters are abundantly supplied with trout; Laguna best; trout, perch, catfish, carp, etc.; perch and catfish most numerous; worms used mostly as bait; March, and July best; hotels at very reasonable rates; boats 50c, p. h.; guides not needed. These waters are much frequented by campers out.

Glen Ellen (Son. & S. R.) In this immediate vicinity the following creeks contain many "trout: Sonoma, Colabasas, Stewart, and Graham, of which the first is best; usual baits; hotels, $6 to $10 p. w.; no boats or guides needed.

Guerneville (S. F. & N. P.) Gillim's Creek, 6 Mile; East Austin Creek, 8 Mile; Austin Creek accessible; first two named best; mountain trout and salmon; trout most numerous; worm bait; hotels at reasonable rate; boats not needed. The fishing here is reported excellent.

Hamlet (N. P. C.) Tomales Bay, near station; smelt, perch, flounders, rockcod, sea bass, herring, etc.; smelt, perch, and herring, most numerous; clams and muscles used as bait; April, May, June, and July, best; hotel, $2 p. d.; boats, $1 p. d. Perch are caught all the year round.

Lone Pine (C. & C) Lone Pine Creek; Whitney Creek; headwaters of Kern and Kings Rivers; Cal. mountain trout and river trout; baits used are, minnows, worms, and flies; August, September, and October, best; no hotels at these places and camping is necessary; guides can be procured. Whitney's Creek is the home of the celebrated "golden trout," which is said to be unclassified by ichthyologists. For description, etc., see The American Angler, April 11, 1885.

Marshall (N. P. CREEK) Tomales Bay, close to town; salmon, perch, smelt, and herring: clams are used mostly as bait; January, February, September, and October best; hotels, $1.25 p. d.; guides, $ 3 p. d.

Millbrae (So. Pac.) Lake San Andreas, 4 Mile; Lake Pilarcitos, 7 Mile; last named best; trout and b. b.; trout most numerous; worm and shrimp baits; April, May, June, and July, best; hotel, $1.50 p. d.; guides at reasonable rates; boats and bait moderate. During April, May, and June, good trout fishing can be had in several streams from 2 to 3 Mile from station.

Monterey (So. Pac.) The trout streams in this vicinity are numerous. We name: Carmel River, 4 Mile; San Jose Creek, 5 Mile; Garra Patas Creek, 16 Mile; Rocky Creek, 20 Mile; Cerro Creek, 23 Mile; Little Sur River, 30 Mile; Sur Grande, 34 Mile Of these the two last named and the Carmel are the best, the tributaries of the latter being full of fine trout. May, June, and July are the favorite months. The salt water fishing in the bay is excellent. The best season is from August 1 to November 1. Trolling is in general use, by which salmon (?), sea bass, skipjack, and barracuda are caught. Rockfish, halibut, sole, flounders, and cod, are caught by still fishing. Boats and bait $1 per hour, cheaper by the day; guides, $1 p. d., with board; hotels, $1 to $2 p. d., $6 to $7 p. w.; boats, for 2 to 4 persons, $8 p. d., including bait and lines and services of 2 oarsmen; $5 p. d. is charged for a boat and services of one boatman.

Novato (S. F. & N. P.) Novato Creek, 2 Mile; Halleck Creek, 3 Mile; both are fair; brook trout; worm bait; April and May best; hotels at reasonable rates.

Ocean View (So. Pac.) Knowles's fish ranch, 1 Mile; trout; usual baits and season; hotel, 50Creek p. meal; it costs $1 p. lb. to take fish here.

Pajaro (So. Pac.) Corralitos Creek, 8 Mile; Pajaro River, 1 Mile; Pescadero Creek, 9 Mile Aptos Creek, 12 Mile; The Lakes, 2 Mile: Aptos Creek best: trout, salmon, perch, and catfish; trout most numerous; flies, worms, sand fleas, and salmon roe as bait; May, June, and July best; hotels, $2.50 p. d.; livery men as guides at reasonable rates; boats and baits nominal Art. flies, the medium size, are successful lures. Monterey Bay, not distant, gives the usual salt water fishing.

Redding (Cent. P.) McCloud River, 20 Mile; salmon and rainbow trout; salmon eggs are usually used as bait; early summer best season; hotels reasonable; guides at moderate charges; boats and baits can be had at nominal cost. This is a celebrated river.

Redwood City (So. Pac.) San Gregorio Creek, La Honda Creek, Harrington, Ralston, Bogus, Pescadero crs., all from 6 to '20 Mile, and all about equally good; salmon trout -trout and salmon; usual baits; April to August, inclusive, best months; hotels, $1 to $2 p. d.; guides can be had at reasonable rate; boats not needed; bait at moderate cost. Stage to best fishing grounds. Address, E. N. Wilcox, Redwood City, Cal.

San Anselmo (N. P. C.) San Anselmo Creek, near station; salmon and trout; trout most numerous; usual baits; April and May best; hotels, $2.50 to $3 p. d.; guides can be had reasonable: boats not used in fishing.

San Bruno (So. Pac.) Lakes Pilarcitos, 7 Mile: San Andreas, 2 Mile: Crystal Spring, 8 Mile; Lake Pilarcitos best; trout and b. b.; first most numerous; worms and shrimp as baits; May, June, and July, best; hotel at reasonable rate.

San Francisco Lake Merced, Lake San Andreas, Pilarcitos Crystal Springs; Chabot 1., Lagunitos 1., all good; b. b. (?) and trout; the latter most numerous; shrimp, worms, live baits, flies, and spoons used; May, June, July, and August, "best: hotels, $1.50 to $2.50 p. d.; boats, $1 p. d. The salt water fishing near the city is mostly for rock cod, sea bass, smelts, etc. Many trout streams are accessible. Consult the local fishing tackle dealers.

San Geronimo (N. P. C.) Lagunitas Creek, 2 Mile; Nicasio Creek, 5 Mile; first named "best; trout; worms and flies usual baits; May and June best; hotels reasonable; local anglers get fair creels; no boats or guides needed.

San Jose (So. Pac.) Smith Creek, 15 Mile; mountain trout; worm bait; hotel at reasonable rate.

San Mateo (So. Pac.) Crystal Spring Lake, 6 Mile; San Andreas Lake, 6 Mile; Pilarcitos Lake, 15Mile; Pilarcitos Creek, 8 in.; Purissima Creek, 16 Mile; Tunitas Creek, 20 Mile; Lobitas Creek, 20 Mile; San Gregorio Creek, 25 in.; Pecadero Creek, 30 in.; Butauo Creek, 30 Mile; The Lakes are best; brook trout, b. b., and salmon trout; brook trout most numerous; artificial flies and minnows best baits for lakes and worms for creeks; April to October, inclusive, best; hotels, $1.50 to $2 p. d.; guides, $3 p. d.; boats on the lakes and permits to fish must be obtained from S. V. W. W. Co., of San Francisco. A fine fishing section including excellent saltwater angling. Address, B. F. Peckham, S. Pac. R R Co., San Mateo, Cal., for detailed information.

Santa Cruz (So. Pac.) San Lorenzo River, near city; Soquel Creek, 4 Mile; Laguna Creek, 9 Mile; Eagle Glen Creek, 7 Mile; San Vicente Creek, 12 Mile; Scott's Creek, 16 Mile, and Monterey Bay, accessible; San Lorenzo River, Laguna Creek, and Monterey Bay best; mountain trout and salmon trout exclusively in river and creeks; worms and sand fleas used as baits; April to September best: hotels, $2 to $2.50 p. d.; guide, with carriage and team, $5 to $10 p. d.; boat, with man, $5 to $10 p. d. Monterey Bay, not far distant, affords excellent salt water fishing.

Santa Rosa (S. F. & N. P.) Mark West Creek, 12 Mile; the Laguna, 7 Mile; about alike; trout, carp, and catfish; trout and catfish most numerous; worms usual bait: April and May best; hotels, $2 p. d. See Fulton, Cal. Trout fishing not first class.

Sargents (So. Pac.) Pajaro River, near station; trout, perch, chub, etc.; worms and other baits: April, May, June and July, best; hotels, $1.50 to $2 p. d.; boats and baits reported "free."

Skagg's Springs (S. F. & N. P., and overland stage line.) Warm Spring Creek, nearby; Dry Creek, 2 Mile; Rancherie Creek, 8 Mile, and Gualalla Creek, 8 Mile; Warm Spring Creek and Gualalla Creek best, mountain trout; worms and flies; April, May, and June, best; hotel moderate; guides, $2 p. d.; boats and baits can be had at $1 p. d.

Soledad (So. Pac.) Salinas River, 1 Mile; Arroyo Seco, 8 Mile; last named best; salmon trout, speckled trout and coarse fish (S. trout speared as a rule): March and April best; hotels, $1 to 2 p. d., $5 to $10 p. w.; boats not used, grasshoppers, shrimps, and worms are favorite baits.

Tocaloma (N. P. C.) Paper Mill Creek, close by station; trout, salmon, and chub; the last most numerous; worms usual bait; April and May best; hotel $5 p. w.

Tiburon (S. F. & N. P.) Raccoon Straits from to 1 Mile; Peninsula point, Bluff Point, (Hospital Cove) best places; rock cod, perch, smelt, sea trout, etc.; rock cod and smelt most numerous; worms, sardines, and clams, usual bait; July, August, September, and October, best; hotels, 50Creek p. meal, $6 p. w.; guide, $1 per person p. d.; boats, bait, and line, $'2 to $3 p. d.

Valley Ford (N. P. C.) Salmon Creek; trout and salmon; trout, most numerous; worms used as bait.

Windsor (S. F. & N. P.) Russian River, Mark West Creek, and Bedwell Creek, accessible; first named best; perch and coarse varieties in summer and salmon in winter and spring; coarse varieties are most numerous; worms usual bait; hotels, $5 to $10 p. w.; guides can be obtained reasonable; boats not kept for regular hire, but can be procured.


Source: The Angler's Guide Book and Tourists' Gazetteer of the Fishing Waters of the United States and Canada, Compiled and Edited By William C, Harris, Editor of the "American Angler." "The American Angler," New York. 1885.

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